Fiery organic sauces require hot packaging design.

April 24, 2015

When JL Harvest asked Equity Creative to design their expanding line of homemade organic hot sauces, EC jumped at the opportunity to turn up the heat.

Originally created as gift items for close friends, John and Lisa’s signature habañero hot sauce was coined “Abe’s Hot Sauce” based on their fanaticism for American history. Production grew and so did the JL Harvest lineup.

EC ran with the Lincoln theme for the new, progressively hotter products. John Wilkes Bhut seemed fitting for the Ghost Pepper sauce, and Assassin’s Ruin was created for the intensely hot Carolina Reaper sauce. As for the design, label imagery is playful and hand-rendered with colors deepening as each sauce becomes increasingly hotter.

Thanks to EC, JL Harvest now has a refreshed lineup of hot sauce products. Thanks to John, Lisa and Abe, you now have a perfect excuse to make chili, burritos and eggs (or anything else that needs a kick in the pants) worthy of eating.

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