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    Irma Harding
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Case IH was interested in developing a brand to increase food and beverage licensing opportunities. Responding, we identified an existing corporate asset that would prove to be a valuable licensing property. Introduced in the 1950’s, the Irma Harding character was used with a variety of household goods to appeal to American homemakers. Revitalizing the character presented a challenge. How could we leverage the attributes that made Irma endearing in her era without alienating today’s modern woman?


There's a human feeling that transcends generational differences. It's called nostalgia. By invoking it, Irma's character was transformed into a viable brand. We began by personalizing the character and defining her story. Modernizing the graphics and updating color palettes led to a comprehensive merchandising launch that included a cookbook, calendar, dishware and other household items. The result? A new licensing brand with a modern take on a vintage feel. And an initial salted peanut order of $32,000 for the holiday season.

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