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Revs Your Heart

    Yamaha Motorsports
  • Point-of-purchase
  • Advertising
  • Collateral


Motorsports enthusiasts are fiercely brand loyal. Unfortunately, that loyalty seldom extends to the world of parts and accessories. Yamaha dealers charged us with motivating their customers to purchase OEM parts over aftermarket products by bringing the same passion associated with their motorsports equipment to parts, accessories, service and apparel. It was a tall retail order. But someone had to fill it.


Point-of-purchase, advertising and collateral was designed for the human experience. Turning to nontraditional methods of engagement, we created lenticular signage, interactive displays, and product placement that literally stopped people in their tracks. With revved hearts, loyal customers were more inclined to purchase genuine Yamaha parts. As a further barometer of success, Yamaha received an unprecedented number of orders from dealers requesting additional kits.

Yamaha SR Viper photo Yamaha SR Viper photo
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