Mad Men Part 1: What character do you relate to?

May 4, 2015

I’ll be the first to kick off our Mad Men memories. Who can I relate to the most? Who reminds me of me? I would love to say that I was Donald Draper, the ever creative, handsome lead who can win over any business or woman with his charm and wicked words but I’m not. I would have to go with Ken Cosgrove. Here’s a guy striving for his place, looking to move up the corporate ladder and while entertaining a client on a hunt, gets shot and loses an eye. Does he call it quits? Does he leave this crazy situation for a more steady and safer environment? No. He puts on an eye patch and gets right back to work. It was then, that out of all the characters I romanticized about being like, it became clear to me…I am Ken Cosgrove.

So tell us, which Mad Men character do you relate to?
Tim Goodman
Director of Accounts

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