The end of an era: What is it that makes Mad Men so interesting?

May 1, 2015

For seven-ish seasons (I say “ish” after their untimely hiatus leaving us hanging until they desired to come back and tease us for another brief moment) we’ve followed the smooth-talking, debonair Donald Draper through his highs and lows. We’ve seen him rise and fall, stumble and crawl, lie, cheat, steal, drink and then drink again. Whether it’s the drinking in the office or the jaw-dropping Joan Harris or Betty Draper, the smoking on airplanes or the incredible creative ads, there was something for everyone. It was a show that took people back to a time they remembered and introduced our youth to how things used to be. It is Mad Men.

As we approach the final episodes and lay the series to rest in the back of our television memories, now is the perfect time to ramp up the excitement for the finale and reminisce about the episodes we loved. Mad Men has made an impact on my family, friends and our Equity Creative office. It was water cooler (or beer fridge) talk for several seasons and was just as much fun to discuss the show the next day as it was to watch it for the first time. My DVR will have an empty place where these episodes once lived, but fortunately Netflix will indulge me with some rerun binges minus the commercials (which were works of art in themselves).

We welcome you to join us these next two weeks while we discuss the world that is Mad Men. We will give you some insight into how it can mirror or be the opposite of our agency and give you a peek at some of our own Mad Men characters. Share with us your favorite (or most hated) character, episode, campaign pitch or just your most loved episode or moment. We are your sounding board, your therapist or your coping mechanism as we say good-bye to Mad Men.

Cheers gentlemen, and ladies, let's go out with a bang.

Tim Goodman
Director of Accounts

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